Back Log from Our European Getaway


Amtrak bus ride to Vancouver.

I have finished culling through all of my photos from the trip and now it is time to start posting them. I really meant to post them during the trip, but as you can see that didn’t happen. 

My favorite cheap dim sum place in Seattle. Opens at 7 am every morning.


I started out my vacation with my favorite cheap dim sum from Dim Sum King. I was able to use Amtrak points for both of our bus tickets to Vancouver. We stayed at the Fairmont at the Vancouver Airport. Very convenient when you are flying out of Vancouver International Airport. You are able to roll out of bed and you are at the airport already. 

Fortunately I was able to find a free weight scale at the airport to weigh my bags before we took off for London the next day. I am kind of embarrassed to say how much my bag weighed. My checked bag was at 57 lbs. Overweight by United States airline limits and WAY over International weight limits. I still made time to swim in the hotel pool, but most of my night was spent putting the heaviest items in my carry on bag. 

The next morning with a checked in bag under 50 lbs and an extremely heavy carry on bag on my back, we caught our first flight and we were heading to Las Vegas. One of the few airports that are left in the United States that has a smoking area inside the secured portion of the airport. And of course that area has slot machines. 

From Las Vegas we had an overnight flight to London. Many months prior we had paid $30 to be able to choose our seats on the flight. It was well worth it. Instead of getting stuck in the middle somewhere, we got seats towards the back where there are only 2 seats together. So we both didn’t have to survive the 10 hour flight with a stranger on one of our sides.

I used to love the food on airplanes. I loved the compartmentalized food and cute utensils. All of that is gone now and the food was scary bad. And I’m not a very picky person. I thought I was getting Korean BBQ, but it tasted like chicken curry. Which was NOT one of the choices. And it was a luke warm microwaved curry. I don’t even think it would of been good if it was hot. 

The window in our hotel room at the Vancouver Airport Fairmont.

View from our hotel room window at the Fairmont.

Another shot of the view from our hotel room window at the Fairmont.



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