We are going to travel back in time. A warmer time – August 2016. I finally fixed my ailing website and can post things again. Will slowly post pictures and bits of advice from my LA trip. 

Smorgasburg is a weekly Sunday food event at the Alameda Produce Market in Downtown. Extremely car friendly, but not very foot friendly. There is plenty of free parking near the event. But if you are getting there by public transportation be prepared for the walk. Keeping in tradition I dragged my suitcase a couple of miles trying to find an area to enter. All of the possible areas to enter into this place is closed off by a gate, except for where the parking garages are. Which is of course no where near the bus routes. And if you plan to go in the summer, be prepared for a non-shaded walk on the hot pavement and through all of that amazing outside parking, and then you will finally pass the parking garages, AND then you are near the true entrance. 

When I was done noshing I circled around attempting to find another opening so I could find a faster route out to a street with public transportation. This fruitless search probably added a couple of miles to my walk. I would hit dead ends and have to turn around. In the end, I had to exit the way I came. There was a lot of construction in the area, so I’m hoping this has or will change. 

I was limited only by the size of my stomach. I still feel I was successful in my endeavors to hit most of the highlights with my amazing grazing abilities. My only regret was missing out on the whole lobster from Losterdamus. They sell out of the whole lobsters quickly.

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