I Think I’m Fallin’

The Belfry Theatre

The Belfry Theatre

While visiting Victoria, BC I thought it would be nice to take in some local theatre. I looked up all of the theatres in the area and found only one thing that was playing during our stay. Unfortunately the play was sold out. I checked again the day of the play and fortunately 3 tickets were available! So off we were to see “I Think I’m Fallin’: The Songs of Joni Mitchell” at the Belfry Theatre

The Belfry is about a half an hour walk from Victoria’s waterfront. The theatre was formerly a church and it is a really beautiful well kept building. I think a lot of  locals in the neighborhood attend and support the theatre. People were very friendly and lots of huge fans of Joni Mitchell were in attendance. 

I honestly didn’t realize that Joni Mitchell was Canadian till I read the pamphlet. Fans of her music would love the play, but it wouldn’t be something that I would recommend for people who aren’t familiar with her work. The story is weak, it consists five people performing her music and loosely tying the songs to the character drama that unfolds on stage.  You have till December 4th to see this production. Make sure to get tickets in advance.

Advertisement for "I Think I'm Fallin': The Songs of Joni Mitchell".

Advertisement for “I Think I’m Fallin’: The Songs of Joni Mitchell”.

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